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Just as orchestras need musical conductors, so do organizations need knowledge management conductors – people and systems to capture and organize knowledge, convey it to the right place at the right time, and guide its use. Phios specializes in knowledge management solutions delivered in a "Whole Product" approach.

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Company Overview

Phios is a software technology company and professional services firm that specializes in designing and implementing improved business architectures. We address our clients’ needs through development of business processes along with supporting technologies, while keeping a tight focus on operating efficiency, quality, and return on investment. Driven by a clear understanding of our clients’ strategy, our solutions provide improved operational performance today while allowing flexibility and efficiency to drive future growth.

Pioneering researchers at MIT’s Sloan School of Management led by Dr. Thomas W. Malone, formed Phios in 1996 and began a quest to determine how to better use information technology to create new ways of managing organizational efficiencies. These MIT researchers developed an innovative process repository, the “Process Handbook”, along with various software tools and applications for their clients.

Phios leadership has deep experience in health care services and software technologies, financial services, as well as other industries. Staffed with backgrounds in strategy and management consulting as well as operations and technology development, our teams understand how to maintain focus on critical success factors to rapidly implement solutions and help you gain measurable results. Phios projects begin with development of clear goals that are rooted in the improvement of our client’s competitive position and operational performance, and we work continually to maintain focus on those goals.


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