Steve Norris
Chief Architect




Steve Norris is the Senior Software Architect at Phios Corporation. Mr. Norris is a software architect and developer with over 30 years of experience ranging from the design and construction of artificial intelligence systems, process knowledge management, web and graphical user interfaces to digital electronics and robotics.  Mr. Norris has worked in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, transportation, chemical, telecommunications and retail software products. 

Prior to his 12 years at Phios, he was the Chief Architect of the Common Platform project at Reed Elsevier Technology Group.  The platform was the basis for several large scale web sites deployed by Lexis-Nexis. He was a co-founder and Software Architect at AI Squared Inc., an MIT spinoff firm that designed and built a model-based reasoning system for the diagnosis of complex equipment such as the GE 9800 CAT scanner, Freightliner Heavy Duty Trucks and the F-16 Flight Control System. Norris started his career at Wang Laboratories and has also worked for a diverse range of companies including: Puma Technology, retail software for file synchronization; IHVS – intelligent highway navigation and safety systems and WPSI – handheld diagnostic devices for the automotive and trucking industries. 

Mr. Norris is also a writer and contributing editor to Robot Magazine for which he writes featured articles detailing the design and construction of robot projects.